​Chris Raff

Qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique since 1983.

Teacher and ongoing student of Tai Chi since 2006.

Chris qualified from the 3 year full-time Alexander Technique teacher training course in London in 1983.

Since settling in Adelaide in 1984, Chris has established the Alexander Technique in South Australia. He teaches privately in Adelaide and Middleton. Chris is a founding member of the Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (estb. 1985).

“I truly enjoy teaching; be it in secondary schools, workplaces or with community groups or individually. I find it rewarding to plan, deliver and see students grasp the information, knowledge and experiences I have to offer.

With my Alexander Technique work, I like to stress that I am a teacher not a therapist; the Technique is a skill you learn for yourself. I take into account your needs, and work to facilitate, guide, encourage, support and lead you through learning processes that give insight into your physical habit patterns. Additionally, you gain more body awareness, basic anatomy as well as strategies to change, for the better, how you use your self in daily and specialized activities.

Put another way, it’s a two fold approach. Firstly, I help you to learn to recognize the habits that compress and constrict your postural support, movement and breathing. Secondly, to teach you ‘thinking in activity’ which can give you more command over your habits of misuse and ways to gently restore and open you to more poise, ease, coordination, and presence”.

​Chris Raff

B.A., Dip.Ed., AuSTAT.

Director of the Alexander Technique Teaching of South Australia.

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