Breath naturally


By using the principles of Alexander Technique, I feel flute students learn to play with greater ease and poise. By encouraging an attitude of ‘not trying’ and improving posture, I believe that most students learn to breathe naturally and develop a more beautiful resonating tonal quality in their flute playing.

Alison Rosser Advanced Skills Lecturer in Music, Flautist

Focus on thinking, not doing


The Alexander Technique has improved my body awareness and given me a gentle yet powerful way to improve the way I sit, stand and move. By focusing on thinking, not doing, the technique gets to the heart of the matter. And the ‘hands-on’ is wonderful!

Benjamin Guerin Computer Programmer

Improved body usage at desk


Sitting eight hours a day in front of a computer terminal over the last ten years, has resulted in back and neck strain. Becoming a pupil of the Alexander Technique allowed me to become more aware of, and improve, my body usage at the desk. Within only a few lessons my back and neck discomfort had eased and I was no longer prone to the mid-afternoon energy slump.

Robyn Goding Systems Programmer

Singing much easier


When I sing, either in practice or performance, I do at least 20 minutes of Alexander Technique work as part of my warm up. It helps me be aware of what individual parts of my body are doing while I sing. It also allows my whole body to coordinate and every part participates as it needs to, without strain. When it all works everything feels incredibly light and singing becomes much easier than before.

Ben Whittle Singer

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