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Keep fit while you sit.


Evening course 6.00-8.30 (2.5hrs) Tuesday 7,14,21 May 2024. 

Greater comfort and stamina for people who sit a lot for work is the intended outcome of this course. Learn to integrate and tone the core muscles needed to sustain prolonged sitting. Unlearn the habits of slouching, slumping, leg crossing, rounding or hunching the shoulders and overly twisting as you sit. It’s a practical course using the principles and process of the body/mind Alexander Technique.

Please book through WEA tel:08 82231979



Overcoming Anxiety. 

June/July 2024 -Wednesday evenings 6-8.30 pm,  25/6/24, 2/7/24, 9/7/24. 

Course Details.

There is always a degree of uncertainty in our lives. If we couple curiosity with uncertainty, we can feel excited or filled with a pleasant feeling of anticipation, a pending holiday in a foreign country for example.

Uncertainty coupled with fear, however, creates anxiety in us. Out of the blue some thought, physical sensation or emotion trips the trigger to our fears, and we work hard to keep an even mind/body keel. We are having to deal with psycho-physical experiences, to use an Alexander Technique concept, that manifest in a multitude of ways from physical reactions such as sweaty palms, lifted pulse rate, nausea, tight shoulders, heavy legs, stiff neck muscles… to deep senses of dread, hopelessness, disaster…

We know we have lost our sense of normal self as our composure, equanimity and clarity of thoughts and actions are less present and diminished. Sometimes we can catch this state and regain our psycho-physical balance. Alternatively, we are taken on a downward spiral toward a catastrophizing base.

Having a toolbox of skills to draw upon to check, arrest, redirect this downward spiral is what this course addresses. Taming your reactions to the onset of anxiety using the principles and processes of the Alexander Technique can be used to expand and enliven your body awareness, offer you other choices in how you respond to anxiety symptoms and up your capacity to be in conscious control of your whole unique self.

Participants are asked to bring a yoga mat, three paperback books and wear warm loose-fitting clothes or active wear.

If you would like more information, please contact Chris Raff. M: 0400987695. E:











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