Alexander Technique

​What is the Alexander Technique?

  • ​It is learning to unlearn or undo habit patterns that interfere with balance, poise, body alignment and ease of movement​
  • A simple, practical process for releasing and redirecting unnecessary tension into useful energy
  • Learning to redirect the use of your body in a thinking way: away from restrictive habits toward freer movement and better coordination
  • ‘Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual’, (the title of Alexander’s second book)

What it is not:

  • The Alexander Technique is not a specific form of exercise, a movement routine or a meditative practice

Learning the Alexander Technique may benefit you by:

  • ​Re-educating habits that are the cause of physical misuse
  • Restoring natural breathing
  • Developing processes that organise your coordination for daily or specialised activities
  • Finding and sustaining greater freedom in movement
  • Offering strategies to manage pain and injury recovery
  • Creating more presence in performance
  • Realising more choice in how you respond and move
  • increasing body awareness
  • Applying various practices that manage stress
  • Redeveloping postural support and stamina
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